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Welcome to the Precalculus Tutorial

The Precalculus Tutorial is available to incoming students before their first semester of classes at CSU who have completed the Math Placement Tool. It is intended to allow students to satisfy prerequisites for courses they need in their first semester. Successfully completing a section of this tutorial is equivalent to placing out of the corresponding course on the Math Placement Tool -- it satisfies prerequisites as if the course had been passed.

This Tutorial requires an e-text access code. The CSU Bookstore will automatically activate an access code for any student who works on this tutorial before their first semester at CSU, and bill the student account $20 for that code when the following semester begins (you will not need to purchase or enter a code yourself).

If you use this tutorial and then take any of the one-credit Precalculus courses in the following semester, your access code will continue to work through that semester's courses (there is no need to purchase a new code for that semester).

Scheduled System Maintenance

This site is closed briefly for maintenance at the end of each semester .

Upcoming maintenance periods:

  • May 7 - May 8, 2024
  • August 5 - August 6, 2024
  • December 11 - December 12, 2024

Log in for the exact dates you will be eligible to access the Precalculus Tutorial.

Daily Maintenance Window

A maintenance window is reserved from 6:00am - 8:00am daily. If you use the system during this time, you do so at your own risk. The system may be taken offline without warning during this window to perform system maintenance.