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Welcome to the Precalculus Tutorial

This Tutorial requires an e-text access code. The CSU Bookstore will automatically activate an access code for any student who works on this tutorial during the Summer and bill the student account for that code (you will not need to purchase or enter a code yourself).

If you use this tutorial during the Summer and then take any Precalculus courses in the Fall semester, this e-text access code will continue to provide access through your Fall courses (there is no need to purchase a new code in Fall).

The Precalculus Tutorial is not available after August 26, 2022.

Tutorial Availability

The Precalculus Tutorial is available only during the Summer semester, and is intended for incoming students who need to satisfy prerequisites for courses in their first semester in order to stay on schedule for a degree program.

Dates the Precalculus Tutorial is available:

  • August 09 - August 26, 2022